Have you ever thought into the numerical value of zero? The round circle represents nothing when it stands alone. However, when placed after other numbers, it can mean everything.
At COPE’s CPA Track graduation ceremonies for graduates and their families, the lineup of distinguished speakers, faculty, and grateful students echoed this theme. In today’s world where secular higher education is increasingly at odds with our values, one must be assured of staying in a safe, supportive environment, protecting the high standards cultivated by our Yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs, and families. That’s where COPE Education Services comes in. Since its inception in 1977, COPE has been instrumental in delivering top-quality secular education in an environment that’s in sync with Torah values.
The men – who celebrated their graduation on Monday – and the women – whose graduation ceremony was on Sunday – have much to be proud of. They took part in an intensive two-year program where they earned the 150-credit degree which makes them eligible to sit for the CPA exams. The separate programs for men and women are taught by renowned professors, with educational rigor that rivals the most advanced secular universities. As NYC Councilmember Farah N. Louis observed at the women’s graduation, “These women here are so privileged to receive a solid education while adhering to their core values.”
Rabbi Daniel Baumann, Director of COPE Education Services, addressed the guests at each event and shared the secret of COPE’s success. “A teacher once asked Rav Pam ZTL how not to get burned out after teaching the same material over and over for so many years. His advice was, ‘Don’t teach subjects, teach talmidim.’ I am convinced that that is the secret of our teachers and administrators at COPE; our goal is not to teach accounting, or for that matter any other subject. Our goal is to teach individuals – individuals who are embarking on career paths that will ultimately support families in a bakovodike way. In COPE, rather than getting burned-out, the excitement actually builds and grows with each new student who we get to know and have the privilege of teaching.” Rabbi Baumann concluded by thanking Agudas Yisroel, represented at the graduation by Rabbi Labish Becker, Executive Vice President, at the men’s ceremony – and by Mr. Leon Goldenberg, Agudah Board of Trustees member and treasurer of Agudath Israel Community Services, and Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, Director of New York Government Relations, at the Women’s event – for recognizing the need for and supporting COPE’s important mission, concluding, “May Hakadosh Boruch Hu help us all continue this vital work until every family in Klal Yisroel has suitable parnassah.”
Rabbi Paysach Krohn, guest speaker at the graduation events, inspired the attendees with his hallmark passion and enlightening Divrei Torah. He shared this special sentiment with the attendees: “How personal this event is to me, since I have close family members that have graduated from COPE’s highly regarded educational programs and who are thriving in their professions as a result.” Rabbi Krohn commended the graduates for pulling through, saying, “You are role models for your friends and family, because look what you’ve accomplished with your determination and perseverance.”
As always, the highlight of the evening was the students’ speeches. Zahava Shore, one of the graduates who spoke at the women’s event testified, “What Agudas Yisrael and COPE have done by creating this accounting program filled a most important need. You provide a top-level education in an environment that is uncompromised. You prepared us thoroughly so that we can confidently move forward.” Yaakov Teitelbaum, one of the graduates of the men’s program, commented at the men’s ceremony, which was also honored by the presence of New York State Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal, “At COPE, we have learned a great deal more than the academic curriculum; we have developed skillsets and mindsets that will take us through the joys and challenges of our personal and professional lives. We learned how to think flexibly and creatively, how to live an honest and ethical life, how to manage ourselves, our teams, our time and our resources effectively.” Echoing the sentiments of all the students, he thanked his family, “who so patiently and encouragingly stood behind me and beside me throughout this journey.”
COPE can help you too obtain your certification in their fast track two-year program, where they also specialize in job placements, tailoring their services to your individual needs.
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