By: Sandy Eller


With Klal Yisroel facing unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts, the voices of 80,000 children from all across the United States rang out in heartfelt prayer during a Yom Tefillah jointly arranged by Agudath Israel of America and Torah Umesorah at the behest of Gedolei Yisroel to coincide with the last day of BaHaB.


Two separate Tehillim teleconferences led by Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg were arranged for the morning of November 2nd to accommodate elementary schools on both coasts, while shuls, women, mesivtas, batei medrash and Bais Yaakov high schools were urged to say Avinu Malkeinu and five designated perakim of Tehillim in order to awaken rachmei shomayim. Discussing the Yom Tefillah, Rabbi Hillel David noted to an event organizer that special emphasis is placed on the davening of younger children. Quoting the Gemara in Shabbos 119B, Rabbi David explained that the tefillos of tinokos shel beis raban possess unparalleled power.


“It was an amazing experience to say Tehillim knowing that we were part of something bigger,” said one Monsey student. “We are going to keep davening for things to get better.”


Rabbi Labish Becker, executive director of the Agudah, noted that the unprecedented issues facing Klal Yisroel, including COVID, lockdowns, financial and spiritual challenges and other hardships, make clear the need to turn our collective thoughts and hearts heavenward.


“Throughout the ages we have seen that our tefillos, particularly those of our youngest schoolchildren, have the ability to positively impact even the most difficult of situations,” said Rabbi Becker. “It is our greatest hope that the unity and the tefillos of our Yom Tefillah will bring about the refuos and yeshuos that are so desperately needed.”