Tuesday November 6th is Election Day across the country. Voters will choose who will represent them in congress as well as determine over 30 US senate races and many gubernatorial races. They will also choose state legislators in many states throughout the country.

In New York State, elections will be held for every statewide office including governor, attorney general, comptroller and one US senate seat. There will be contests for every congressional seat as well as every state senate and Assembly seat. In New York City there are three Charter Revision ballot proposals.

Early indications are that turnout this year will be unusually heavy for a midterm election. It is thus critically important that our community vote in large numbers to make a difference. There are significant issues facing our community and it is vital that our voices be heard. Government officials must know that our community has a voice and is willing to use it to stand up for our rights. Decisions at the highest level of government are often based upon which communities make their voices heard.

We implore you, MAKE THE TIME TO VOTE.

The future of our communities, our children, our yeshivas, and the freedom to practice our way of life may be at stake.