I’m often asked, “Which state has the best school voucher/scholarship program in the country?” It’s an impossible question to answer so I avoid it.  I even created a chart (below) just to avoid answering that question.

The chart, which we updated this week, compares the different scholarship programs in states with Orthodox Jewish day schools. There are more than 50 scholarship programs in more than 25 states and there is no perfect program or even a “best” program.

Download (PDF, 863KB)

For example, Illinois just enacted a scholarship tax credit program which has one of the most generous scholarship amounts per child, but not everyone will be eligible and not every eligible child is guaranteed to receive a scholarship (which is why parents should contact our Illinois office and make sure to apply early). Other programs have smaller scholarship amounts, but have no cap on the number of students or include more generous income limits. So the real question is, what program is best for your child?

…and if you have found a school that works best for your child, share your story and enter the school choice video contest to win $15,000.

In Congress, the Taylor Force ACT passed unanimously out of committee which we commended. The House passed a tax plan yesterday that makes many changes to the current tax code, while the Senate prepares to vote on its version. Agudath Israel is closely following the constantly changing tax plans and together with tax experts reviewing the bill to analyze how it may affect Orthodox families and institutions.

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