The Bnos Agudath Israel Leadership Convention was held in Toronto, Ontario from December 3-6, Shabbos Parshas Vayeshev. More than 300 leaders from 32 cities attended. They were there for an important purpose; to learn how to provide ruach filled Shabbos afternoons and thereby fulfill the mission of Bnos Agudath Israel.

Bnos, a division of Agudath Israel of America, conducts program across the United States and Canada including Shabbos groups, Bnos Bikur Cholim, Bnos One on One and more.

The leaders gathered for a weekend filled with dynamic, inspirational speeches, practical, interactive workshops and camaraderie. The girls had the privilege of receiving profound divrei bracha from HaRav Shlomo, Miller, Rosh Kollel, Kollel Avareichim. Rabbi Dovid Katzenstein, Menahel, Yeshiva Greater Washington, was the guest speaker of the convention and addressed the attendees several times over the course of the weekend, sharing important insights and remarks. The subsequent speakers addressed topics such as the role of a contemporary leader, how to most effectively deal with disciple issues and the benefits of being a giver. Over the course of the weekend, the attendees had the opportunity to gain from diverse perspectives by hearing firsthand accounts of the impact of Bnos from a parent, leader and participant.

And of course, this being a Bnos event, there was good food and meaningful fun. The girls enjoyed a trip to the local aquarium on Friday afternoon and the opportunity to meet leaders from cities across America. Over the course of Shabbos, the girls shared ideas of ways to enhance their Bnos groups. Shabbos concluded with havdalah, an uplifting musical performance, a heartfelt kumzitz and dancing. As Mrs. Chana Baila Hass, national director of Bnos, says, “It’s great seeing the girls’ excitement as they get to know each other. It gives them a sense of being part of something larger than themselves. The leaders left the convention tired but very happy and inspired.”

Rabbi Labish Becker, Executive Director of Agudath Israel of America, concurs “Agudath Israel is very proud of its highly successful Bnos division. Bnos provides an array of activities for elementary school girls in a healthy and nurturing environment as well as the opportunity for high school age volunteers to become involved in tzorchei tzibbur.”

Special thanks to the welcoming community of Toronto for their warm hospitality and to the hardworking Bnos advisors who organized the entire convention. For more information on how to bring a Bnos Shabbos group to your area, please contact Mrs. Chana Baila Hass at 212-797-9000 ext. 275