Jackson Township’s complaint about a “block-busting style plan” and “decree” ostensibly plotted by representatives of Agudath Israel of America (Shore News Network, July 27) is totally groundless.

There is no such plan, no such decree. Encouraging (see video) members of Agudath Israel’s growing constituency to consider affordable housing opportunities in new neighborhoods is simple sound advice.

Agudath Israel encourages all to live as good neighbors, with respect, tolerance, and sensitivity. We urge the local New Jersey municipalities to practice total fairness in housing and for houses of worship and schools. Homeowners deserve to be free from harassment and pressure tactics, and prospective buyers are entitled to seek affordable housing without being discriminated against because of their religion.

Several media outlets covered this story and included Agudath Israel’s statements. Please click on links below to read news articles and to learn the true meaning of shtickle: