(L-R) Mr. Duvi Gross (co-chairman, Agudath Israel New Jersey office), Mr. Moishy Gross, Rabbi Avi Schnall, Senator Paul Sarlo, Mr. Rephael Zucker (co-chairman, Agudath Israel New Jersey office), Mr. Mordechai Schron

Following our previous call-to-action where we asked you to reach out to the Senate President and Assembly Speaker to ask that they support Bill S3080/A4597 , which would increase nonpublic school security funding,  Agudath Israel’s New Jersey office has been diligently working and meeting with legislators throughout the state to garner their support for this important legislation. Yesterday, the leadership of the New Jersey office met with the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Senator Paul Sarlo, who has committed himself to fully support this legislation.

We ask all our constituents to reach out to their legislators and request that they join Senator Sarlo, Senator Gopal, and Assemblyman Schaer in supporting this critical piece of legislation.

Click here to contact your legislator.

When clicking on the link, you will be asked to fill in your contact information, and a pre-populated email will pop up. The email message can be personalized with mention of your children, where they live/ attend school, and why security funding is so important to them.

Click here for calling information: Tell your legislator to support Bill S3080/A4597. Fill in your contact information below and a screen will pop up with the phone numbers of your your assemblymember and senator and a list of talking points. Make a call today.