Dear Friends,

By July 1st, Governor Christie is obligated, by the states state’s constitution, to sign the FY ’18 budget, the single piece of legislation that has the greatest impact on the funding provided to our schools.

In the current budget that was presented to Governor Christie, there is an allocation of over $38 million for nonpublic school security, nursing, technology, and textbooks.This is a $6 million increase from last year’s amount and a $14 million increase from the Governor’s proposed budget which he submitted in early February!

This astounding increase is due to the herculean effort Budget Chairman Assemblyman Gary Schaer, together with Assembly Speaker Prieto, Assembly Majority Leader Greenwald, Senate President Sweeney and through your grassroots advocacy!

We are now at the final stage. we need to ensure that the Governor signs the budget and supports all the allocated funds for nonpublic schools, and we need your help !

It is crucial that we reach out to the Governor and express that these funds are critical for the safety and well being of our children.

The Governor’s contact info is: or 609-292-6000

Personal emails are best, but here is a sample letter to work with.

Dear Governor Christie,

As a resident of New Jersey, I write to you to respectfully ask that you fully support the nonpublic school funds allocated in the Legislature’s budget. These funds are critical for the safety and well being our children.

Every child deserves to be safe and secure no matter which school they attend.

I am grateful for your strong support of nonpublic schools in previous years and hopeful that you will fully support our children once again.


Your Name.