About Us

Our mission is to leverage our legal training to protect the collective and individual rights, and further the interests of, Orthodox Jews in America.

We do this, under the guidance of our rabbonim, by:

  • Advocating on behalf of the Orthodox Jewish community at city, state and federal levels, supporting Agudath Israel’s state and regional advocacy teams.
  • Litigating, either directly or via the submission of amicus curiae briefs, on behalf of communal and ideological interests.
  • Expanding our legal network of observant lawyers and law students throughout the country.
  • Educating lawyers and law students on legal and halachic issues, often for CLE credits.
  • Referring individuals and organizations for legal assistance, where possible on a pro bono or reduced rate basis.
  • Guiding, free of charge, individuals and organizations that contact us for assistance with legal issues that contain a nexus to religious observance.

The Agudah Legal Network

We encourage observant lawyers and law students to join the Agudah Legal Network.  There is no charge or commitment to join. Members will receive information about upcoming CLE programs and inside updates about national legal cases  that directly impact, or are of interest to, our communities. Members may also receive referrals from Agudath Israel, both from individuals and organizations seeking legal assistance, pro bono and otherwise. Information about additional pro bono opportunities such as drafting amicus curiae briefs may also be communicated. Finally, members may receive information about legislative advocacy efforts on issues of communal concern that they may want to become involved in.

Members of our legal network have drafted amicus curiae briefs in pivotal, landmark cases which have shaped our ability to operate as Orthodox Jews in America, including before the U.S. Supreme Court; assisted employees and students who were denied accommodation of their religious observance by their their workplace or school; helped critically ill patients receive the health care treatment they desired, in accordance with halacha, in the face of opposition from health care facilities; succored shuls, schools, yeshivos, and other religious institutions, and enabled them to build and expand amidst opposition from local zoning and other officials; guided schools and other nonprofit mosdos, and much more.

We hope you will too.

Essentially, the Agudah Legal Network is a vehicle for observant attorneys to use their legal training and experience – at the commitment level of their choosing – to give back to the klal, while providing a platform for learning about and discussing issues that may uniquely interest them.

Even if you believe we already have your contact information, we encourage you to click the link below to ensure the information we have for your is correct and current:

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Rabbi Mordechai Biser, Esq.
Special Counsel

Chava Shulman
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