Agudath Israel often gets requests for information about certain tax programs, and we have therefore prepared, with the assistance of tax lawyers, memos explaining these programs in detail.  One memo deals with parsonage payments, which are payments for housing costs to a rabbi or rebbe or others performing religious duties that are exempt from federal income taxes.  Another memo explains the Qualified Tuition Reduction Program, which enables a school to pay the tuition of its employee’s children such that that the tuition benefit is not subject to income tax.  Also included in this section are articles regarding other tax questions that we receive and information about the amicus brief we filed defending the constitutionality of the parsonage allowance.

Qualified Tuition Reduction Memorandum


Charitable Contributions Article

Parsonage Payments Memorandum

Here is news about the amicus brief we submitted in defense of the parsonage allowance and the court decision that upheld the constitutionality of parsonage payments

Court Upholds Constitutionality of Parsonage Payments

Amicus Brief Filed in Parsonage Payments Case Press Release

COLPA Parsonage Payments Amicus Brief