As the country begins the once-per-decade process of redistricting following this past year’s census, Agudath Israel of Illinois sent a letter to Governor J.B. Pritzker, laying out the concerns of the Jewish community in Illinois.

The letter, signed by many Rabbonim and community leaders, thanks the governor for his devotion to all communities in Illinois, regardless of race, color, or creed.

The Orthodox Jewish community in the greater Chicago area – comprising over 30,000 households – is currently broken up across 3 separate districts. The letter expresses hope that their community will be consolidated into one district and thereby be better represented. They also ask the governor to ensure that the community is not further broken up – something that appears to be a real possibility.

“Our concern is not about our elected officials being Orthodox Jewish, but that we have a voice as a ‘community of interest’. We could become politically irrelevant under an unfair redistricting process,” said Rabbi Shlomo Soroka, Director of Government Affairs, Agudath Israel of Illinois.