Starting on July 6th, the Agudah’s Summer Teleconference series goes into “Vacation Mode,” addressing the halachic and hashkafic challenges of the warm weather months.  The live teleconferences begin on Thursday night at 10 PM with a half hour lecture in English, followed by another 30 minute Yiddish lecture.  The teleconference series, a project of the Agudah’s Torah Projects Commission, is exceptionally popular, with close to 5,000 unique households tuning in for the last series, which was given in the weeks prior to Pesach.

The roster for the shiurim (in order of participation) includes: HaRav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Rav, Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin; HaRav Yaakov Elya Unsdorfer, Rav, K’hal Mesivta Raishis Chochmo, Montreal;  HaRav Moshe Weinberger, Rav, Agudath Israel of Flatbush; HaRav Leibel Wulliger, Rav, Congregation Ohr Torah English and Rosh Kollel, Torah Vodaath;  HaRav Hershel Zolty, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Mir; HaRav Noach Isaac Oelbaum, Congregation Nachlas Yitzchok, Kew Gardens Hills;  HaRav Asher Eisenberger, Rav, Agudath Israel of Detroit; HaRav Yitzchok Sorotzkin, Rosh Yeshiva, Telshe Yeshiva, Mesivta of Lakewood;  HaRav Betzalel Rudinsky, Rav, K’hal Ahavas Yitzchok, Agudath Israel of Wesley Hills and Rosh HaYeshiva Ohr Reuven; HaRav Labish Frand, Rav, Congregation Kesser Torah D’Radomsk; HaRav Raymond Beyda, Rav, Congregation Shaarei Zion; and HaRav Elozor Nisan Rubin,  Magid Shiur, Daf Yomi: Klausenberg, Radomsk.

Rabbi Avrohom Nisan Perl, Director, Commission on Torah Projects, and coordinator of the teleconference series, said that the program has reached thousands, often with multiple members of the same family listening in on multiple extensions.

While it is relatively simple for anyone to pick up the phone and hear a shiur in today’s day and age, listening to a live teleconference is a unique experience, observed Rabbi Perl.

“It means a lot for participants when they know that the rav is on the phone live, giving the shiur right now,” said Rabbi Perl.  “We try very hard to get a range of speakers addressing a variety of topics to appeal to everyone, and Baruch Hashem, it is very successful.”

To listen to the teleconferences call 212-444-1323, option 9.