We are pleased to report that, after determined lobbying by a coalition of Jewish groups, including Agudath Israel of America, the Senate Appropriations Committee has maintained the allocation for the Non-Profit Security Grant Program (NSGP). The program, in which Agudath Israel has played an active role in creating and promoting, has been a top priority of our Washington Office and the subject of our recent leadership missions to the nation’s capital.

Specifically, the federal program provides funding to acquire cameras, concrete barriers, reinforced doors and other such security enhancements for non-profit institutions, in selected cities, at high risk of terrorist attack. Synogogues, day schools and other Jewish community institutions have been among the major beneficiaries of the program over the years.

There had been concern over the viability of the program, which has experienced fiscal setbacks due the budgetary considerations. But the spike in anti-Semitic incidents, combined with determined advocacy, has caused the funding to recoup over the years. The Senate Committee FY 17 appropriation maintains the program at higher current levels – an important statement by the members that NSGP is a vital component of our national security.

We are hopeful, however, that our coalition’s continued hard work will bring the appropriation back up to its original much-needed funding mark. More dollars will help provide more security to more institutions in more communities – enhanced protection that our nation urgently needs.