Agudath Israel of America, upon consultation with its rabbinic leadership, issued the following statement regarding participation in the 2020 Census:
Every 10 years the United States Government is required by law to conduct a census of everyone living within its borders. The 2020 United States Census is currently underway.
It is of the utmost importance for the good of the community that we fully participate in this project. Filling out the census form should take only a few short minutes, but its impact could be felt for years to come.
The results of the census directly impact our communities in a variety of ways.
Over three hundred Federal Government programs (such as Medicare, SNAP and Unemployment Insurance, and a variety of federal education programs that benefit nonpublic schools including yeshivos) have their funding levels determined at least in part based on the results of the census.
Additionally, our community’s representation in Congress and in state and local legislative bodies may be directly tied to our population size based on census data. The only way we can ensure our issues are prioritized in government is through adequate representation.
Agudath Israel highly encourages all who care about our community, its growth, and its representation, to participate in this year’s census.
For more information about the census, including assistance in filling it out, please call 212-797-9000 ext. 218, email, or go to