On Tuesday night, President Trump spoke directly to the American people and conveyed within his remarks several vital elements of his vision for our country. Agudath Israel of America commends him on these specific priorities.

Setting the tone for his address, his very first words expressed, clearly and unequivocally, his strong condemnation of “hate and evil in all its forms.” By taking special note of the acts of racism and anti-Semitism that have taken place over the past few weeks, he sought to reassure the many who have been gripped by fear and confusion that our country and government stand untied against such bigotry and violence.

The President also indicated¬† that he is moving forward with plans to help bring stability back to the Middle East and address the grave dangers posed by entities whose evil designs have gained strength there. Those who wish to abet the Iranian threat by supporting that country’s ballistic missile program will face new sanctions. And a pledge was reiterated to fight and destroy ISIS, the enemy and murderer of people of all faiths. All this, while reaffirming the “unbreakable alliance” with the State of Israel.

Finally, the President endorsed “school choice” as a priority of his Administration, ¬†and indicated that educational reform rests on maximizing choices. Options should include various forms of schooling, including religious education. And decisions should be made by the parents themselves, who are the ones most suited to select the most effective and appropriate form of education for their children’s success.

We urge the President and Congress to work together on these fronts for the betterment of our nation.