The alarming increase of attacks against Americans of Asian background is disgraceful, and Agudath Israel of America condemns it unreservedly.

On Sunday in New York alone, a woman of Asian descent was thrown to the ground, another was hit in the face with a metal pipe and a third punched in the face.

Such hateful violence, and the thousands of reported — and likely many more unreported — incidents of verbal abuse suffered by innocent Asian-Americans over the past year must deeply concern us all. It is particularly painful to the Jewish community, which has itself endured, and continues to endure, ignorance-fueled hatred and violence.

That our country is the most diverse large nation on earth is its greatest merit and strength. Attempts by senseless bigots to mistreat Americans because of their ethnic or religious heritages are deplorable and tragic.

May we merit that the Creator guide all human hearts to compassion and good will.
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