This week, Agudath Israel’s Constituent Services department received a call from a woman with a disability who had just moved into a government housing project in Indianapolis, Indiana. Shortly after she moved in, the building manager came to inspect the apartment. The manager informed her that unfortunately, according to building code regulations, she would be required to remove the mezuzah since no ornaments were permitted on the doorposts.

The Constituent Services department contacted the building manager regarding this matter. While the manager was polite and understanding, she apologized that she was not in a position to change this policy. She suggested that Agudath Israel contact her manager at the AHEPA (National Housing Corporation) office. The Constituent Services department called and explained to the manager that a mezuzah is not an ornament, but a religious obligation for an Orthodox Jew. The manager ultimately informed them that they would make an exception in this case, and allow the new tenant to keep her mezuzah on her doorpost. The woman was understandably delighted and very grateful for Agudath Israel’s efforts on her behalf.