On Thursday Rabbi Yitz Frank testified before the Ohio House Finance Committee. To view the testimony click here.

State House news outlet, Gongwer, noted that Rabbi Frank asked the committee to allow auxillary services funding to be used on security personnel. “The Jewish community and Jewish day schools have been on a high level of alert due to recent threats and allowing security personnel to be included under the allowable services, even absent a funding increase, will be a step in the right direction.”

Rabbi Frank also requested a change to current law that allows districts to determine whether to provide direct services to nonpublic schools or to contract with third-party providers.

“We would recommend changing this policy and leaving this to the discretion of the nonpublic school,” he said. “In addition to lowering costs, and thereby increasing the amount of services the state can provide, the quality of personnel and service will be increased through the involvement of additional providers.”

News outlet Hannah, noted how Rabbi Frank and others urged changes to the state’s scholarships for students with disabilities. Rabbi Frank also urged consideration of a fully means-tested EdChoice system, urging support for such a model as proposed in SB85 (Huffman), and urged elimination of EdChoice from the list of safe-harbor sanctions.