Rabbi Naftali Miller, Agudath Israel’s new Director of Development

Responding to a continuously increasing demand for its services, Agudath Israel of America has hired Rabbi Naftali Miller to head a new division dedicated exclusively to development, a move that will allow the Agudah to better cater to the evolving needs of the Jewish community from coast to coast.

Rabbi Miller comes to the Agudah after a long tenure as director of development at Boro Park’s Yeshiva Derech Chaim and Artscroll, bringing with him a wealth of experience in creating growth opportunities. Co-founder of Chasdei Lev, whose efforts to express hakaras hatov to those in chinuch have been helping rabbeim nationwide alleviate the financial strain of the yomim tovim for the past 11 years, Rabbi Miller’s history of askanus and proven track record of success make him an important addition to the Agudah team.

Rabbi Miller first gained a true appreciation for the Agudah and all that it does as a first responder in the difficult days following Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“I saw firsthand what the platform of the Agudah can mean,” said Rabbi Miller. “They are in tune with the needs of klal yisroel, and as an agency that is connected, that people in positions of power want to listen to, the Agudah is able to do so much good.”

As national director of development, Rabbi Miller will be bringing his personal warmth and positive attitude to the Agudah. He looks forward to encouraging others to become active in the Agudah and making the Jewish community more aware of the Agudah’s relevance, both to their everyday lives and to the future of klal yisroel.

“The Agudah is an icon and as you walk through its offices it is unbelievable to see how much happens in such a small area, with countless people served by its different departments, each one dedicated to finding new ways to help Torah Jewry,” said Rabbi Miller. “There is no greater vehicle for achievement in our world than the Agudah and as we continue to expand our development, I am confident that the Agudah will take its accomplishments to an all time high.”

The needs of the Jewish community have increased dramatically over the last ten years and the Agudah has grown to meet that demand with departments dedicated to Daf Yomi, Torah projects, government advocacy, yeshiva services, special education, constituent services, job placement and training, housing, end of life issues and legal services. In addition to its Manhattan headquarters, Agudah currently has offices in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Washington D.C. (and plans to add state and regional offices in the months and years ahead).  Building a development team has become a high priority, said Agudah CEO Shia Markowitz, who praised Rabbi Miller for his ability to engage people and build fruitful relationships.

“This new division will allow the Agudah to continue the avodas hakodesh that it has been engaging in for more than 70 years,” said Mr. Markowitz. “As we welcome this valuable new member to our family, we look forward to being able to meet the diverse needs of klal yisroel as never before and to continue serving the community on many different fronts.”