Agudath Israel of America welcomes the historic agreement normalizing relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The agreement comes at a critical time in the Middle East and we pray it will bring the region’s nations closer to peaceful coexistence.


Since its founding, Israel has reached out to the Arab world in its quest to live in peace with its neighbors. Indeed, its desire for friendly relations with nations in the Middle East, and beyond, has not in any way diminished, despite the decades of hostility and violence it has faced. Israel has again demonstrated its readiness to make peace with those who want to embrace it.


Only two countries thus far, Egypt and Jordan, have clasped Israel’s extended hand. We applaud the U.A.E. for taking this courageous step and pray that other countries will be emboldened by its leadership and foresight. The Arab world must come to realize that the more countries that come to the peace table, the greater the benefits that will accrue to Israel and its peace partners, the Middle East and the entire world.


We express our deep appreciation to President Trump and his Administration for encouraging and shepherding this major diplomatic breakthrough. The President’s unrelenting commitment to a secure Israel, his outreach to friends in the Arab world, and his willingness to steadfastly confront rejectionism and terror, were overarching influences in this historic development. This agreement – and others that will hopefully follow – are the fruits of his labors.


As in all things, we ultimately look to the Almighty, Maker of Peace, to bring peace and tranquility to this troubled region.