Rabbi Avi Schnall, New Jersey Director of Agudath Israel of America testified this past week before the New Jersey General Assembly and Senate Budget committees. Rabbi Schnall testified in support of an increase in state funding for nonpublic schools and specifically for the Nonpublic School Technology Initiative.

In last year’s budget, due to the tireless effort of Assemblyman Gary Schaer, the Nonpublic School Technology Initiative per child amount was raised from $20.00 to $32.00 Unfortunately, in this year’s budget, the administration has reduced the per child amount back to $20.00. Rabbi Schnall expressed how, thanks to the increase, nonpublic schools were able to provide their classrooms with updated technology, thus helping prepare the students to compete in the 21st century.

Rabbi Schnall implored the members of both committees to once again show their concern for all students in the state, including those in nonpublic schools, and restore the level of funding to the $32.00 amount of last year.