Thursday September 13th is Primary Day across New York State. Voters throughout the state will be selecting the party nominees for almost every important state office including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Senate, State Assembly and judges. Agudath Israel urges all in our community to exercise this most important right and vote.

Voter turnout in primaries is generally low. That makes each vote count even more than it ordinarily does. There are significant issues facing our community and it is vital that our voices be heard. Government officials must know that our community has a voice and is willing to use it to stand up for our rights. Decisions at the highest level of government are often based upon which communities made their voices heard.

It is thus imperative, even during this busy Yom Tov season, each and every one of us makes time to vote. The future of our communities, our yeshivas, and the freedom to practice our way of life may be at stake.

As Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel has said, “Do it for yourself…for your children….for your community….for Klal Yisroel.”

Primary Day Thursday September 13th. Polls are open from 6am to 9pm

Disclaimer: Agudath Israel does not endorse or support any particular candidate in any election race