Agudath Israel’s Edchoice Expert

When implementing vouchers, scholarship tax credits, and education savings accounts, how much regulation is too much? How can states ensure that high quality private schools will be interested in participating in a voucher or similar program? Do private schools cherry pick? These were just some of the many issues discussed by Agudath Israel of America’s national director of state relations Rabbi A. D. Motzen at EdChoice’s recent School Choice in America conferences.

Agudath Israel's Edchoice Expert2Formerly known as the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, EdChoice has been a leading voice for universal school choice for twenty years. Agudath Israel has worked closely together with EdChoice in many states, expanding opportunities for children and working towards a common goal. Rabbi Motzen serves on EdChoice’s speakers bureau as an “EdChoice Expert” and was a panelist at the organization’s two summits in August.

The EdChoice summits were opportunities for key stakeholders to learn about school choice. Each conference included stakeholders from multiple states and presenters from a broad range of perspectives.

Rabbi Motzen provided a private school perspective on a panel discussing accountability and regulation. He was joined by Dr. Matt Ladner of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (both summits), Dr. Anna Egalite of North Carolina State University (in New Orleans), and Adam Peshek of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (Alexandria). While each panelist shared a different angle and perspective, they all agreed that too much regulation will harm any well-meaning school choice program.

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