On February 18, 2016, Mrs. Leah Steinberg, Director of Project LEARN, the Special Education Affairs Division of Agudath Israel of America, participated in an exclusive discussion group at the White House on the potential for growth in disability awareness and inclusion. What transpired was a spirited conversation on the Jewish community’s need to include their disabled members, and on areas that need improvement.

Mrs. Steinberg said, “I’m proud that I could represent Agudath Israel’s Project LEARN at the White House, and I am hopeful that this opened the door for more top level dialogues that will translate into true inclusiveness in every area of our community. In the conversation, the group agreed that it should become natural for people with disabilities to be accommodated within the community; it should not be seen as a chesed project, but as a matter of course. In recent years, our community has taken that message to heart. While there is still room for improvement, attending this event made me proud of the strides taken for the disabled in the Orthodox Jewish community.”

(Author: Judith Dinowitz)