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Merciful Father, Creator of heaven and earth.

There is no greater Artist than You, dear L-rd,

Sometimes the picture You present us, is one of unmitigated joy, hope for a brighter future, or a celebration of great achievements.

Other times, it is an image of illness, poverty, or overturned gravestones of our loved ones. But whatever unique image You create for us each day, You also gave us the power to be framers.

Thank you for giving us the ability, and perhaps mandate, to create a custom frame for each situation and bring out its beauty or hidden meaning. We ask O L-rd that You help us become expert framers.

Rabbi A.D. Motzen and Vice President Mike PenceDear G-d, Please bless Dan Regenold and the men and women of this great company who enhance each image with an appropriate frame and enhance the lives of so many with their charitable works.

Master of the universe, please bless Vice President Mike Pence as he faithfully discharges his duties and upholds the values of the original Framers of the Constitution. Give him strength, grant him wisdom, and crown him with success.

And finally, please protect our men and women in uniform across the world and ensure their safe return to their loving families.

And to that let us all say Amen.