Agudath Israel of America has been asked to publicize the following alert from the New York City Office of Emergency Management in advance of Hurricane Joaquin. The alert highlights the potential dangers that the increased winds will pose (especially in areas where families build succahs on balconies several stories up) and encourages individuals to address these concerns in advance.  Agudath Israel urges all Yidden in the path of the approaching hurricane to take appropriate precautions for their private succahs as well as for succahs constructed for mosdosshuls and businesses.

Following is the text of the alert:

The National Weather Service forecast for the next several days includes wind speeds that are predicted to be between 15 and 30 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 mph at times. High winds can down trees and power lines, blow out windows, blow down signs, cause flying debris, and structural collapse. Individuals who have constructed a Succah for the holiday should take appropriate actions to secure the structure and roofing to prevent damage or injury from flying debris.

While much uncertainty remains about the exact track and intensity of the storm, the potential for strong wind gusts and serious rainfall in the New York area is growing.

A rav should be consulted for information on tying schach down in accordance with Halacha.

Agudath Israel wishes all of Klal Yisroel a safe and joyous Yom Tov.