Dear parents,

As we are well aware, government funding to our yeshivos is limited. One of the few sources of funding available for our children is for students in need of compensatory education. Through ‘Chapter 192 Funding’ the State provides compensatory instruction in Language Arts and Math to needy students. This funding is significant in the fact that it is the only State program that provides money for actual instruction (other funding includes money for security, nursing services, textbooks and technology.)

Since 1977, when the State authorized the funding, Chapter 192 has been an important and necessary source of funding for our children. In 2008, the State mandated $995.33 per student. In recent years, however, the amount of students eligible for funding has grown while the total allocation in the State’s budget remained stagnant. More students are being forced to share from the same pie, resulting in a smaller slice for every child. Do this discrepancy, the per pupil amount has decreased by nearly 20%. This year, students are receiving $811, a full $184 less than they are entitled to from the State.

Furthermore, even the full $995.33 per-student allocation is an outdated amount from over 10 years ago. Over the last decade, costs have increased and providers are charging more for their services. Where areas students used to receive 45 minutes of services per week, students are now receiving 25 minutes per week. In some instances providers have increased the classroom size to stay within the statutory limit, severely compromising the help our students are getting.

Simply put, the State is shortchanging our students, and our schools are not receiving the funds they deserve. But you can help!

At the end of February, Governor Murphy will introduce his budget. It is crucial that we act now, and ask him to increase funds for Chapter 192 Funding. The greater nonpublic school community, including CAPE (Council for American Private Education) has been running a grassroots effort, galvanizing New Jersey nonpublic school parents to reach out to Governor Murphy. There is growing support for our request and our goal is well within our reach. However, time is limited and we must act today! Please fill out the information and submit a letter asking Governor Murphy to give our children their fair share and increase Chapter 192 Funding.