How does Bnos give its members the greatest experience possible? It provides support and resources to its leaders and advisors, too.

The all-new Bnos Info Line is the latest innovation. The Info Line is a national hotline that leaders from all over the country can call. Each week the hotline features an advisor or branch leader from a different city. The featured speakers give tips and tricks, offer ideas for games related to the parsha and explain the theme of the week.

Bnos leaders can use the Info Line to help prepare for the upcoming Shabbos Bnos groups with fresh and innovative ideas. The featured leaders gain from their chance to prepare, present and inspire on the Info Line. This is all part of Bnos taking caring of its leaders in the line of duty.

Does your city or branch want to get in on the action? Drop Bnos a line at 212 797 9000 ext. 330 or e-mail