The three weeks are times of mourning, times when Klal Yisroel reflects on all the devastation this Galus has wrecked on our nation. On Tisha B’Av our mourning peaks, as a nation we unite to relive the sorrows of the former years while yearning for the Geulah that we hope will be here soon.


In order to enhance this time for our teenage girls, this Tisha B’Av at 2:00 pm, Bnos Agudath Israel will host a unique program designed to inspire and uplift our teens in this journey towards the final redemption. Mrs. Devorah Goldberg will begin the program with an uplifting story of triumph, followed by Divrei Chizuk from Mrs. Nechama Demo.


We daven that this event will be the last of its kind and that next year we will be celebrating this time in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh.


To participate in this event call, 425.436.6277-Access Code 244274