As Yom Kippur approaches and Klal Yisroel readies themselves for these yemei teshuvah, Bnos Agudath Israel is proud to present a tailor-made Aseres Yemei Teshuvah program for high school girls.

The program, Giving is Gaining, will take place from Monday, September 21st until Thursday, September 24th and will feature: Mrs. Yael Kaisman, teacher and Life Coach; Rebbitzen Tobi Teller, Menaheles of Hanna Sachs Bais Yaakov of Chicago; Mrs. Shuli Benguigui, Principal of Bais Yaakov of Miami; and Mrs. Nechama Denebo, teacher in Bais Yaakov of Los Angeles and Pico Bnos advisor.

Now is the time to get inspired, tune in daily by calling 425-436-6277 access code: 244274.

For more information, email