Long summer Shabbos afternoons are the perfect time for girls to get together in Bnos groups. Except when they can’t.

That’s where Bnos Agudath Israel’s newest program comes in. In response to requests from many Bnos advisors, Bnos is launching a brand-new program this Shabbos: Virtual Tehillim Groups.

Bnos is reinventing Shabbos afternoon groups for today’s reality. Not only will the girls have “something to do,” but they’ll be productive and feel part of a larger group.

Bnos advisors will communicate with their girls through email, phone, and text. They’ll divide the tehillim among their girls and set a specific time for all the girls to say their perakim on Shabbos afternoon. Large groups may be able to complete the entire Sefer Tehillim in one afternoon! Each advisor is also working out a (socially distanced) way for the girls to get nosh and prizes like they do at “regular” Shabbos afternoon groups.

“We want to give the girls structure on Shabbos and make the girls feel like they are connecting to other girls,” explains Mrs. Chana Baila Hass, National Director of Bnos Agudath Israel.

Bnos already has 50 virtual groups but would love to see many more set up before this Shabbos begins. To see how you can start a group, be in touch with Bnos at cbhass@agudah.org or call 212-797-9000 ext. 330.

Even if your city or neighborhood never had a Bnos group before, it couldn’t be easier for you to start a virtual one now!