Girls Share 10 Ways They Made It Count with Bnos


“Every night before I go to sleep, I think – I can’t wait for tomorrow to call the hotline!”

Which hotline? The Bnos Agudath Israel “Make It Count” Sefirah program hotline, of course. Right after Pesach, Bnos launched the new hotline for girls to call in to learn about shmiras halashon and participate in the activities and contests.

The program was designed to be interactive, giving girls a chance to call and leave messages with answers to quizzes and contents. And call they did! Make It Count received over a thousand messages a week!

The messages were too good to keep to ourselves. Here’s a sampling of ten gems from our girls:

  1. The contest helped me, and I feel that in school there are a lot more things to speak loshon hara about. But it is great to learn for the future!
  2. I listen to your hotline every day about a thousand times, and it keeps me not bored listening to the halachos and the activities.
  3. Even if you tell yourself you won’t believe the loshon hara, it doesn’t make a difference!
  4. Torah is the sweetest thing in the world! But, if you learn Torah and your mouth is full of dirty loshon hara, it is like eating sweet honey with cuts in your mouth- you can’t taste the sweetness.
  5. Yesterday I almost spoke loshon hara, and I was going to make smirks, but then I remembered.
  6. We can learn from our gedolim how to speak and how to act the proper way.
  7. If someone speaks loshon hara about someone, then the effects can hurt that person so badly.
  8. Maybe Hashem brought this coronavirus for us to realize how careful we have to be since we’re not talking to our friends as much.
  9. If someone is speaking loshon hara to you, try to change the subject, or walk away, or say nicely, “I think your speaking loshon hara- I don’t want to hear.”
  10. In a sefer on shmiras haloshon in my house, it says that Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer zt”l said that: “Even if someone learned the whole sefer once, but he doesn’t learn it on a regular basis, that learning it once will not guard him from not speaking and remembering all the details of loshon hara.”

Are you impressed? We are, too! We’re amazed at how well the girls learned to Make It Count. And so, even though sefira is over, we’re continuing Make It Count into the summer.

We already have 6000 girls participating in the program, and we’re looking for even more! Make It Count will still include halachos of shmiras halashon and will also expand to a Pirkei Avos middos program.

Same great stories. Same fun contests. Same interactive activities. Even more time to Make the Summer Count.

You can join today by calling 641-715-3800, access code 806845#. Bnos is looking forward to hearing from you!