From the beginning of the year until the end,
A lot of time together we did spend
Rollerblading to baking to playing on my rug,
Social distancing meetings wearing masks and gloves,
A good listening ear you did make,
Fun conversations together it did create.
Who spent time together? Who had fun conversations? Who baked and played and rollerbladed?
Bnos One on One Sisters, of course!
Bnos One on One is an incredible program from Bnos Agudas Yisroel that pairs high school Big Sisters with middle school Little Sisters for fun and connection. (A Little Sister wrote the above poem to her Big Sister.) The Sisters meet once a week for personal time together. Plus, Bnos One on One hosts activities and parties.
It’s a popular program, drawing many girls each year nationally from many different cities. Bnos 1 on 1 has over 150 pairs.
Chaya Suri R., a Little Sister from Brooklyn, admits that she was nervous when she first signed up. But she quickly got comfortable with her Big Sister. “It was nice to talk to an older girl,” she says. And her Big Sister told her she liked taking a break from the usual high school conversation topics.
Bnos One on One just held its end of season event, and what a season it was! There was a fantastic Chanukah party with doughnuts and dancing. There was a super Purim party with a balloon popping game, a photo booth, and a kumsitz.
And then, along with the rest of the world, Bnos One on One went virtual. There were two virtual events, culminating with last week’s Zoom party. Over 100 girls attended, and Bnos One on One went all out to make the event special even though it couldn’t be in person.
Before the party, Bnos mailed each girl a “Bnos One on One in a Box.” The kit had a cookie and drink to enjoy during the party. Once the girls came on, they watched a fast-paced slideshow recapping this year, played an interactive game, and heard about what’s coming up for next year. Then Bnos One on One presented the Big Sisters with an appreciation gift – travel cosmetic bags.
Ruchy G., a Big Sister from Lakewood, was amazed that after the program officially ended, Sisters stayed on to schmooze. Little Sisters that were too shy to speak during the event talked and laughed afterward. There was such a great feeling that no one wanted to leave!
Do you know a girl who would enjoy being a Little Sister? Would you like to become a Big Sister? Would your city like to start a Bnos One on One chapter? Reach out to Mrs. Chana Baila Hass at or call 212-797-9000 ext. 330.