Bnos Bikur Cholim
Bnos Bikur Cholim (BBC) set up girls and women to connect with senior friends by phone. Bnos now has over 250 BBC pairs! There are still seniors who need phone mates. If you’d like to be a part of this tremendous mitzvah, contact Bnos at
Virtual Tehillim Groups
Bnos reinvented Shabbos afternoon groups for today’s reality. Bnos advisors communicate with their girls through email, phone, and text and divide the tehillim among their girls to be said at a specidfic time on Shabbos afternoon. Each advisor is also working out a (socially distanced) way for the girls to get nosh and prizes like they do at “regular” Shabbos afternoon groups. Over 50 groups already signed up for the first Shabbos! Contact Bnos to bring Virtual Tehillim Groups to your city or neighborhood.
Bnos Hotline
For elementary-school-age girls, Bnos started a new hotline for girls to call in and hear stories, say Tehillim, answer Parsha riddles, and win prizes. 3,000 girls call into the hotline every day, and our girls have logged over 30,000 perakim of Tehillim. . . and still counting!! You can help us reach 40,000 perakim or more by calling 720-721-4724.
Bnos Pen Pals
Bnos started its popular summer pen pal program early, matching up girls to make friends with Bnosers in another city. Bnos now has over 350 pen pal pairs, with 50 of those pairs in Eretz Yisroel! Excitement about the program is running high! One mother wrote to tell us that her daughter has “been singing about this pen pal all night, and today she wore a special dress in honor of this being the day she will get her pen pal!” The program is still open. Email us at with your age, city, and contact info, and soon you can be singing, too!
Make it Count
After Pesach, Bnos started a virtual Sefiras HaOmer program called “Make It Count.” Girls of all ages can call in to learn about shmiras halashon and participate in the activities and contests. Over 5,000 girls now joined the Sefiras Haomer program! You can join, too, by calling 641-715-3800, access code 806845#.
Don’t miss out! For more information or to join any Bnos program, including the brand new Virtual Tehillim Groups, email or call 212-797-9000 ext. 330.