Sefiras Haomer is a time for growth and inspiration. Unfortunately, in today’s virtual world that inspiration can be hard to tap into. Which is why Mrs. Chana Baila Hass, Director of Bnos Agudath Israel, came up with a unique and interactive Shmiras Halashon sefirah program. “I wanted to give the girls a different experience” she said, “I didn’t want the girls to just call in to a hotline and listen to a halachah; I wanted it to be captivating.”


And captivating it was. The program was easy to follow, every day the girls called the hotline, listened to a halachah and story pertaining to Shmiras Halashon then filled out a quiz that enabled them to be entered in a raffle and win prizes. The hotline also gave the girls the ability to leave inspiring messages for each other and create a community like atmosphere. Simple and yet, as Mrs. Hass put it, “captivating.” Bnos received so much positive feedback that they extended their program an additional month.


Unfortunately, with the summer coming and each of the girls experiencing a different schedule, it was time for the program to be wrapped up. This past Tuesday, June 30th, the program ended with a grand finale. Over 1,000 girls tuned in to an inspiring event that taught them how to take what they learned and apply it to real life bein adam lchaveiro situations in camp and school.


Truthfully, grand finale is not the most accurate way to describe this event. According to Mrs. Hass, “We are not ending anything. True Bnos girls don’t end their learning and are constantly on a road to growth. This particular sefirah program may be over, but the constant striving to be better to your peers will continue through the summer and beyond.”


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