Please take a moment to call Governor Pritzker and let him know what the Invest In Kids Scholarship program means to you as a parent, a donor, or supporter of educational options for children.

You can call any of these numbers:

  • 312-814-2121
  • 312-814-2122

Here are a few talking points you can use:

  • This program has helped thousands of low-income families provide their children with the right educational environment, which over the last year has proven to be vital for their growth and wellbeing.
  •  Governor Pritzker is pushing to reduce the tax credit for qualified contributions from 75% to 40% to allegedly “close corporate loopholes,” but helping individuals support children and their education is not a corporate loophole.
  • This vital program needs to be extended and enhanced, not cut.

Additional talking points and information can be found below:
IIKA Talking points_4.22.2021