At the recent Agudah dinner, the event chairman Gary Torgow delivered a “State of the Agudah” address highlighting several families who have benefited from various Agudah divisions (video can be seen here). One of those moving stories focused on the work of Mrs. Leah Steinberg and Project LEARN to help students with special needs. Recently, the Hebrew Free Loan Society focused on its partnership with Agudath Israel and how it solved the Catch-22 situation in which parents found themselves. To watch the videos of the Agudah dinner speeches and highlight reel, go to

On the federal level, Agudath Israel offered its reaction to the Masterpiece Cakeshop case (here) and Rabbi Avi Shafran shared his reflections in a Forward op-ed (here). Rabbi Abba Cohen shared his thoughts on school safety at this week’s Federal Commission on School Safety Listening Session.

On the international scene, Agudath Israel staff participated in a panel discussion before high ranking representatives of the Israel National Defense College.

Finally, in Illinois, the legislative session ended with a flurry of activity and many achievements related to busing, Hatzalah, and scholarship tax credits.