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The Agudah created Chayim Aruchim in 2010 to help those who sadly found themselves in end-of-life situations. They were often denied care due to a growing trend in the medical community that limited or withheld treatment for such patients, often with catastrophic results. Since its inception, Chayim Aruchim has focused on building strong relationships with physicians and medical facilities in an effort to promote greater cultural sensitivity, an effort that has yielded many positive results, adding months and even years of life to cherished members of our society. Additionally, the members of Chayim Aruchim’s Rabbinical Committee are on call around the clock. Medically trained rabbonim are available to render decisions in complex medical situations that take into account all applicable halachic and medical factors.


Over 650 Incoming Calls Monthly

“I think it’s incredibly important to have a movement that works on preserving the right to life, which is being taken away from us now.”

Dr. Daniel Berman

Infectious Diseases Attending Physician

Montefiore Medical Center

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