We just wanted to share that over 1000 Rebbeim/Moros signed up and  in  the first 48 hours over 24,000 students called in. (Note the 24,000 students that called in correlating to the 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva that were niftar during this time.)


Dear Dedicated Rabbeim and Moros,

Learning at home can be distracting and challenging…but with the new and innovative Class Codes contest it’s now exciting!

Welcome to CLASS CODES, a special game for elementary school grades during COVID remote at-home learning. The goal is to help keep students engaged throughout the entire learning session. We will have exciting daily raffles with great prizes, as well as cumulative weekly grand prizes.

Every Rebbi/Morah will receive a set of 5 numbers to tell their students at random times during (recording or live) class. All those paying attention and that “catch” at least 4 of the 5 numbers can be entered into that day’s raffles. Students should record the codes (in any order) to later enter them into the system.

Click here for a sample card that may be sent to all the students for them to print and easily keep track of each day’s codes.

(The sample card was designed for 2 sets of numbers per day. For now, we are starting with 1 set per day.)

Make sure to tell your students the instructions below so they can know how to enter the raffles.

For Rebbeim and Moros only (we know kids read these emails too!), to register and to receive the codes, email mpogrow@agudah.org.

Phone instructions for students
BOYS call in #: 718-307-2955 and Press 2 for CLASS CODES
GIRLS call in #: 347-572-7279 and follow the prompts

When applicable, the line will first announce the previous day’s winners.
The system will ask them to enter their first number followed by #.
It will read it back to confirm the submission.
The system will continue to prompt them to enter the rest of their numbers, one at a time, confirming in between each submission.
After entering all the numbers, they will be asked to leave a clear message with their name and phone number twice.

We hope this will help your students have a more productive learning experience.


This program is arranged by Agudas Yisroel (Bnos, Pirchei, and Masmedei) in conjunction with Chasdei Lev