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Rabbonim Are The Backbone Of The Jewish Community.

As spiritual leaders, they have extraordinary influence on the development and success of the community. The Agudath Israel Conference of Synagogue Rabbonim, both nationally and in the Midwest, boasts a membership of more than 350 active rabbonim. Through conferences, shiurim, and participation in The Agudah’s conventions and other events, the rabbonim are provided with hadracha and inspiration to better lead their Kehillos. The Conference also sponsors shiurim, halacha and hashkafa lectures, publications and other activities for the general public.

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350 Rabbonim active in the Agudah Movement

“The Agudah, since its inception, has been the address that people can turn to and find out what is true Daas Torah.”

Rabbi Gershon Bess,

Rav, Kehillos Yaakov, Los Angeles, CA

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