Main Office

Advocacy and Civic Action

With the growth of Orthodox Jewry and its constituency in America, Agudath Israel has emerged as the leading advocate for the religious and civil rights of observant Jews.

The Office of Government Affairs and its staff of attorneys works to safeguard these rights through a variety of channels,including the fulltime Agudath Israel Washington Office.

In tandem, Agudath Israel of America’s Commission on Legislation and Civic Action is the prime governmental spokesman and liaison for yeshivos (Jewish allday schools), synagogues, and community charitable causes before governmental and legislative bodies.

Agudath Israel’s Office of Public Affairs works to ensure that the authentic Torah viewpoint is faithfully and fairly represented in the public forum.

Agudath Israel’s Yeshiva Services Division advocates on behalf of Orthodox Yeshivos and Day Schools. Through a series of workshops, seminars and newsletters, the division helps guide yeshivos through the maze of applicable laws, regulations and government sponsored programs. It is the liaison between the yeshivos and the local, state and federal governments

Other areas of focus include the security needs of Israel, immigration issues, antiSemitism and religious discrimination.

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Ohio: 513.530.1364
South: 305.532.2500
West Coast: 310.659.8152
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Global Relief and Rescue

Even in the post ColdWar era, there are still a number of areas in the world where Jews suffer hardship and spiritual privation.

The Vaad L’Hatzolas Nidchei Yisroel maintains a global network of activities on behalf of Jews in troubled lands. Its clandestine work of nearly a decade in what was then the U.S.S.R. has now been expanded into a wide range of projects for the education and welfare of Jews throughout the former Soviet republics.

The Overseas Aid Consortium advocates for and administers government funded programs for a consortium of Orthodox Jewish groups working in the former Soviet Union.

Through the Overseas Passover Campaign, thousands of parcels, including matzos and Kosher L’Pesach food, are annually provided to needy Jews in Russia and other countries in farflung parts of the world.


Working with Jewish Youth

From its inception, Agudath Israel has assumed the vital task of preparing young men and women for responsible Jewish adulthood and the assumption of leadership roles in their communities.

Pirchei Agudath Israel aims to inspire young yeshiva students with personal commitment to Torah scholarship and the effective translation of its teachings into action.

Bnos Agudath Israel unites girls on the local and national levels through group events, contests, extracurricular study activities, and programs with a slant on chesed — service to others

Bnos Bikur Cholim marshals the ebullience of young people to bring cheer and welcome assistance to elderly citizens who are homebound, in hospitals, or in nursing homes.

Bnos One-on-One A big sister program pairing senior high school students with their junior high counterparts, to build resiliency and establish a positive role model for the younger participant and an opportunity to make a positive difference for her older “sister.”

Camp Agudah and Machane Ephraim (for boys), Camp Bnos and Bnoseinu (for girls), and Camp Chayl Miriam (for teenage girls), along with Agudath Israel camps in Canada and the Midwest, provide thousands of children with beneficial summer vacation experiences.

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Torah Education Programs

The study of Torah has always been central to Jewish life and its continuity, and Agudath Israel of America is involved in the advancement of Torah pursuit at every level.

The Daf Yomi Commission is the central agency fostering the “Daf Yomi” study program, through which thousands of participants in every corner of the globe study the same folio of Talmud each day. The most recent seven-and-a-half year cycle culminated in the 12th Siyum HaShas on August 1, 2012 at MetLife Stadium and 120 cities across the globe, attended by over 150,000 participants.

TheTorah Projects Commission aids individuals in finding study partners, publishes directories of public classes, hosts a network of Torah study centers, and holds intensive communitywide conferences to deepen the public’s grasp of Torah principles as they bear on modern concerns.

The Jewish Education Program (JEP), through its multifaceted outreach programs, has brought basic Judaic knowledge to thousands of children and adults. Among its programs are classes for public school youth, “ruach” visitations, shabbatons, publications and musical recordings.

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Communicating the Torah Viewpoint

Among the most effective vehicles for articulating the Torah perspective before the general public is the broad array of publications issued by Agudath Israel.

Agudath Israel’s Publications Department distributes a wide array of Jewish books, periodicals, musical recordings, CDs, DVDs and other resources produced by the various divisions of Agudath Israel.

The National Orthodox Jewish Archives is a unique repository of historical documents, publications and photographs relating to the growth of Orthodox Jewry in the United States and the history of Agudath Israel on an international scope.

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The Individual Within the Community

Even as it works for the collective good, a compassionate attention to the needs of the individual remains the hallmark of the Agudath Israel movement.

Constituent Services assists individuals and organizations requiring information, referral or direction in myriad educational, professional, social services, or other areas

COPE Employment and Training helps the jobless through a comprehensive array of employment services, including vocational guidance, literacy education, and classroom training.

Cope Educational Services (CES) is a CPA Track program culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree, enabling students to sit for the CPA exams, in an environment that is sensitive to the cultural needs of our community.

The Fresh Start Program for Displaced Homemakers helps women who, due to family crisis (widowhood, disability, divorce, etc.), must be trained to enter the work force.

COPE Institute provides business and technical training in an atmosphere in keeping with Torah tradition. Major area of training includes accounting and related fields.

Agudath Israel’s Professional Career Services is a job exchange network that finds employment for heads of households who are now seeking to enter the workforce or for those who have lost their livelihoods due to economic downturns.

The Southern Brooklyn Community Organization (SBCO) is an innovative effort to preserve several neighborhoods with large Jewish populations through effective local organization and development.

The Commission on Senior Citizens currently sponsors three centers for senior citizens that offer hot meals as well as a wide range of social services, recreational activities and cultural events.

Simchas Chava is a musical visitation program for seriously ill children who are hospitalized or homebound.

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Other Programs, Divisions & Affiliates

Agudath Israel World Organization (American Office) represents Orthodox Jewish interests in the United Nations (NGO), in international Jewish agencies dealing with reparations and restitution issues for Jewish Holocaust survivors, the protection of Jewish sacred sites, and safeguarding Torah values the world over.

Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative (LLI) mobilizes grassroot talent to work on behalf of Agudath Israel. The members of the LLI become involved in helping to address the broad needs of the community under the direction of Rabbinic Leadership.

Agudah Women of America N’shei Agudath Israel women’s division, children’s homes and social service projects in Israel, local chapters, lectures and social action programs.

The Agudath Israel Mediation Board has been established, with the endorsement of Agudath Israel of America’s rabbinic leadership, to help members of the community resolve their (monetary) disputes. The services of its mediators are available without charge.

Agudath Israel Special Tzedokoh Fund is a charitable trust that establishes funds for individual donors and disburses grants to qualifying charities.

Agudist Benevolent Society: Burial society in U.S.A. and free loan fund (Bet. 9 AM & 1 PM, Mon. thru Thurs.)

Chevrah Oseh Chesed: Chevra Kadisha and cemetery service in Israel,
Aron & Ritchell Free Loan Fund.

Commission on Special Education, Developmental Disabilities, and Foster Care: This commission’s goal is to sensitize the public to the needs of “special adults and children”, and to advocate the rights of this population before government.

Community Services Division: Aid to individuals and groups, Mincha Minyan Map, Hachnosas Orchim Guide for travelers.

Conference of Synagogue Rabbonim of Agudath Israel: This organization of synagogue rabbis across the continent serves as a forum for consultation among its members and a vehicle for the strengthening of Torah values and practice in the daytoday life of the community at large.

Project LEARN works to improve and increase special education services for yeshiva students through community education, governmental advocacy, facilitating the creation of new special education programs and assisting parents to obtain services for their children.

Zichron Kedoshim memorializes the names of Kedoshim who perished in the Holocaust.