You may have thought that losing a job because of shmiras Shabbos stopped in the 1930’s.
It didn’t. Hundreds of people struggle annually with this issue. Here’s how your support made a difference in someone’s life.

– Rabbi Labish Becker

David’s Story: How The Agudah Saved My Job

10272504_10202227879354014_7892664970534260622_o“Last year while living in Phoenix, AZ and working for a major shipping company I requested time off for the High Holidays.

My request was denied, even after my attempt to explain to my boss that coming to work on Rosh Hashana was simply not an option. I am a baal teshuva and don’t have the support network that others have.

I didn’t want to lose my job but I had no idea what I would do or who to turn to. 

My local rabbi suggested I reach out to The Agudah. I hesitantly reached out not knowing how anyone can flight a company  the size of my employer. The Agudah caseworker, Ms. Chava Shulman, listened to my plight and reassured me that all hope was not lost. She then paired me up with an attorney from their vast legal network whom she felt was the perfect match for me and my situation. He sure was! The attorney guided me with the precise verbiage and format to petition my employer in a legal manner for religious accommodation.

My employer quickly realized that I had legal counsel and that I also had the law on my side. They eventually conceded and gave me the time off that was needed for my complete observance of these sacred high holidays. Moreover, my Agudah caseworker followed up with me daily to see how my case was moving along and to encourage me.

I am very grateful to The Agudah and their supporters for being there for me in a time of great need.  Thank you so much!”

David L.

Costa Mesa, CA


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