“My friend David”

“My friend Deborah”

“My friend Leah”

“My friend Avrohom”

Attending Agudath Israel’s inaugural Yeshiva Expo in Brooklyn this week, I was struck by how many top New York State officials were on a first name basis with our staff and, more importantly, their genuine respect and admiration for my colleagues. While the sellout crowd benefited tremendously from the networking and practical sessions, I came away from the event with the pride of having colleagues that are held in such high esteem. As supporters of Agudath Israel, you should take pride in their accomplishments on your behalf.

Aside from the recap of the Yeshiva Expo, this week’s edition includes a letter from Rabbi Zwiebel to Attorney General Sessions commending him for his Memorandum on religious liberty, a report about a brief we filed in support of the placement of a Christian religious symbol in Pensacola, Florida, a statement opposing a proposed Constitutional Convention in New York, and the presentation of an award to Maryland Governor Hogan by our Mid-Atlantic regional director who doubles as the president of Maryland CAPE (Council for American Private Education). Finally, only a few hotel rooms remain for our upcoming convention. Register today!