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Dear U.S. Principals and Administrators,

Agudath Israel does not generally weigh in on cabinet nominations.  However, where it approaches parents’ right to educate THEIR children how and where they see fit, and our special relationship with Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary-designate, we make an exception.

For the first time in recent memory, there is consideration of a Secretary of Education who is an advocate for ALL children – public and private school attendees.  We can say this because Agudath Israel has successfully worked closely with Mrs. DeVos for over 15 years to expand school choice across the country.

This week, the Senate HELP Committee advanced Mrs. DeVos’ nomination.  As the confirmation now moves to the Senate, the Senate (as of this writing) stands in a dead heat of 50 Senators in favor of her confirmation and 50 Senators opposed.  Groups vehemently opposed to the idea of school choice are mobilized to undermine her confirmation, inundating Senate offices with calls, emails and tweets encouraging their representatives to vote against her confirmation.

We need to mobilize to counteract the opposition.  We urge you to share the below letter with your parents, encouraging them to reach out to their Senate representatives and support the nomination of Mrs. DeVos.

The Senate vote is expected on Monday.

Note that this effort is equally vital in states where Senators may have already expressed an opinion.  At this point, one vote can turn the tide.  Senators must be made aware that there is a respectful, yet resolute, counter voice on this critical issue.

As always, for questions, feel free to contact our office at

Mrs. Deborah Zachai
Director of Education Affairs
                Avrohom Weinstock, Esq. 
                  Associate Director of Education Affairs