You can still support Education Savings Accounts in Georgia. —

Education Savings Accounts (ESA) continued to advance this week in Georgia. On Monday, Georgia State Senator Hunter Hill (and others) introduced an ESA bill. Senate Bill 92 is a companion bill to Rep. Mark Hamilton’s HB 243.

The hearing on the House version took place on Wednesdayand may go down in history as the first time that the word rutabaga was mentioned in the Education Committee. What, you ask, does education have to do with rutabagas? While the need for more educational options is no laughing matter, one of the bill’s opponents tried to argue that if your assigned public school isn’t meeting your needs you aren’t forced to remain there, but the state shouldn’t have to pay for an alternative…No different than “if you don’t like the taste of rutabagas, you don’t have to eat them.” We respectfully disagree. The government doesn’t have a responsibility to feed their citizens tasty vegetables. It does however, have a basic responsibility to fund education for all of its citizens and money should follow the student to the setting most appropriate for that child.

You can watch the entire hearing here.