As we enter the last 10 days of the Indiana General Assembly’s 2015 session, Agudath Israel and its coalition partners are making one final push for “fair funding for kids”. Thankfully, both the House and Senate proposed to eliminate the arbitrary $4800 cap on elementary school vouchers. In many cases this would provide an additional $700 per child. The other priority issue for private school choice advocates is the current $7.5 million cap on the state’s scholarship tax credit program. Donors to approved scholarship granting organizations receive a 50% tax credit, so the $7.5 million translates into $15 million in scholarships for low and middle-income students to attend a school of their choice. The House had proposed increasing the tax credit cap, but that proposal was removed in the Senate. Many students attending Indiana’s Jewish day schools benefit from the scholarship programs and are hoping that the General Assembly will make these small, but important changes. Both proposals have the support of Governor Mike Pence.