T. came to Fresh Start Training Program with an unstable and unsuccessful work history. She had never been in a positive employment environment and was having a challenging time entering the workforce. Juggling single-parenthood and employment felt overwhelming to her. T. did not have a plan or solid goals, she had given up on herself and was resigned to remaining dependent on government support until she saw the Fresh Start flyer offering free training to work as a paraprofessional in New York City charter schools.

T. was wary about calling Fresh Start, but the warmth and honesty she heard during the initial call encouraged her to give the program a try.

When T. came in for orientation, she was met with support and validation for her efforts to overcome her challenges and she left feeling empowered with a newfound confidence. Fresh Start conducted a series of workshops during which we helped T. develop a resume, set both short term and long term goals, and coached her for job interviews and professional presentation in the workplace. Above all, the counselors were open   and honest in our sessions with her and provided a job referral, with a reference, to a partnered agency. T. committed to the employment process and successfully met her challenges.

Fresh Start continued to work with T..  After she was hired as a 1:1 paraprofessional and was assigned a difficult student, Fresh Start encouraged her to stay with the student which resulted in a loving relationship as well as a positive school experience. Later, she contacted us, proud and excited, to inform us that she was chosen Teacher of the Week.

T. is grateful to have found this program and said, “I am thankful for the job and opportunity. Your warmth and sincerity inspired me to believe in myself.”