Hundreds of executive directors of Orthodox schools and other non-profit organizations from over twenty states participated in a recent two-part webinar that detailed many legal guidelines related to these nonprofits. These webinars launched a new series, The Agudah’s Harry H. Beren Dina D’malchusa Dina series – “The Law of The Land Is Law”.

To listen and download audio, click here.

The recent webinar focused on a range of pertinent issues, such as role of board of trustees and directors; record keeping and filing; fundraising and taxable income; parsonage; political donations; and more.

Baruch Hashem, our communities are blossoming, and the amount of mosdos hachinuch and chessed organizations are blossoming as well,” explains Rabbi Shai Markowitz, Director of The Agudah’s Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative, who organized the webinar programs. “It is crucial that everyone involved in this avodas hakodesh be familiar with all the complex legalities, and thus avoid all harmful pitfalls.”

The presentation was given by Baruch Gottesman Esq., a prominent attorney with particular expertise on issues relating to not-for-profits and religious organization. It was moderated by Rabbi Eliyahu Stern, Administrator of Yeshiva Orchos Chaim in Lakewood, who formerly held leadership positions in Hillel Academy of Denver and Aish Denver. Rabbi Stern is well known for his prowess in this field and is one of the founding members of the “Executive Directors Network,” which currently has over 400 members.

To listen and download audio, click here.

Every aspect of the webinar program is designed to target the issues most relevant to Jewish community, and accommodate maximum participation from across the country. Participants join – at no cost – from the comfort of their home and office, yet they feel as if they are together live, and are able exchange Q & As with the presenters. “Helpful and refreshing,” remarked one participant, who leads a large school. Another participant added, “This webinar was exactly what we needed. It reinforced the rules that we were familiar with, and informed us of important laws that we had no idea about.”

The Agudah is planning a number of other webinars and events in the upcoming weeks and months, which will address topics such as labor laws; money laundering and criminal tax laws; civil rights discrimination; and much more. While most of the webinars in this series are targeted towards nonprofits, some of them will be equally relevant to private sector business owners.

Please keep an eye out. These webinars can help you run your entity with increased efficiency, and avoid lots of potential trouble!

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For more information about upcoming webinars, or to obtain recordings of previous webinars, please contact Rabbi Markowitz at smarkowitz@agudathisrael.org