Last night at the Midwest Agudah Convention, two Jewish community leaders were honored with the Mendy Klein Midwest Leadership Legacy Award. In his brief remarks, Yoni Klein explained why the family allowed his father’s name to be used despite turning down many requests from other organizations to name buildings and other projects after Mendy. Anyone who knew Mendy was aware that while he gave thousands of hours and millions of dollars to worthy causes, he truly hated publicity or recognition. Yoni explained that what his father did like, was when others in the community stepped up to the plate and took on leadership roles. That’s what this award was all about, that’s what Agudah is all about, and that’s why they dedicated this award.

Another set of awards were handed out last week at an event hosted by Agudath Israel’s Chayim Aruchim division. The keynote address was delivered by Roger Severino, director of the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights. To read more see here.

Thank you to all those who stepped up to the plate and reached out to government officials in New York about the new “substantially equivalent” non-public school guidelines. The Agudah has created a website with videos and articles about the issue. An action center was created through which one can easily send a letter to state officials registering your protest. So far, more than 40,000 emails have been sent in the last two weeks. Please take a moment to be part of this initiative by going to the link above.

I encourage you to read a brief, but enlightening interview with our executive vice president, Rabbi Zwiebel, published in the Jewish Echo (here) and to watch our latest Agudah Live interview with Richard Altabe, principal of HALB (click on image above). With all this discussion about the quality of education in yeshivos, it is worth reading an article written by Professor Moshe Krakowski (here) describing the extraordinary educational value of the Jewish studies portion of a yeshiva curriculum.

As we approach the end of the tax year, I encourage you to read the quarterly reports (1st quarter & 2nd quarter) prepared by my colleague, Rabbi Naftali Miller, reviewing some of the many Agudah accomplishments throughout the year. Please consider helping us reach many more people by partnering with us today.