Should physician-assisted suicide be legal? Agudah has opposed it vigorously in many states as we believe life possesses inherent sanctity, and we fear the potential abuses of legalizing suicide.  As a society, we have better ways to give people greater control and relief from suffering than by making it easier for patients to commit suicide or to obtain a lethal injection.

Two states held votes on the issue this week. In Maryland, thanks to a tie vote in the Senate, the bill died for this session (see here), but unfortunately in New Jersey the bill passed and now heads to Governor Murphy’s desk (see our statement here). In both states, our Agudah directors testified against the bill and met with many legislators expressing our concerns.

In other state developments, a bill to expand the state’s scholarship tax credit program to pre-K students was signed into law in Virginia. Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, Mid Atlantic regional director of Agudah, was involved in the advocacy efforts of the original bill together with a coalition that included Stuart Cantor of Richmond and has continued to be involved over the years.

As we are focusing on our DC office this month, please watch the Agudah Live video featuring Rabbi Abba Cohen by clicking on the image below.

One of the many issues Rabbi Cohen and all of our Agudah directors are involved with, is the effort to reauthorize and expand the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program. Our Ohio director, Rabbi Yitz Frank, joined Ohio Jewish Communities in meetings last week with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (see Hamodia article here).